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I Resolve To . . . Promise

  • Be a Resolutionista. Make Resolutions. Keep Resolutions. Enjoy the Journey! Take that first small step today. Open your mind, dare to dream and make a decision to go for it. Procrastination is your worst enemy and patience is your best friend. Make a promise to yourself: I Resolve To . . . Achieve My New Year Resolutions, One Resolution, One Day At A Time For One Year.® Make every day New Year's Day. Make every day count. Be a resolution revolutionary and make lifetime resolutions that are with you for good!

I Resolve To . . . Formula


I Resolve To . . . Don'ts

  • 2 -: GIVE IN TO FEAR
  • 4 -: GROW BORED
  • 5 -: GIVE UP!

I Resolve To . . . Do's

  • 1 -: DARE TO DREAM
  • 2 -: DECIDE
  • 3 -: DEFINE
  • 5 -: DO IT DAILY!

I Resolve To . . . Resolutionista Definition

  • Resolutionista - (rez - o - lu -tion -ista) Noun 1) someone who makes resolutions, keeps resolutions and enjoys the journey.

I Resolve To . . . Motto

  • Small Daily Steps Add Up To Big Results Over Time. Take One Today!


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One-Line Bio

I'm A Resolutionista! I Make Resolutions, Keep Resolutions & Enjoy The Journey!


Kim M. Simpson is a senior public affairs professional who specializes in communications, fundraising, event planning, and photography for Members of Congress, government, non-profit organizations, associations, and corporations, in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Region.

In a career that spans more than 30 years in public affairs and journalism, Ms. Simpson has served in senior-level Federal Government positions including Chief of Staff and District Director for Members of Congress; and as a political appointee in communications positions for the Clinton Administration at The White House and the Office of the Secretary of Defense at The Pentagon. A former state government/political reporter she worked for television and radio stations in the Midwest.

Since 1997, she has owned a business that she founded - For The Record Photography & Public Affairs, Inc., and has extensive experience in political and private sector fundraising, writing and strategic communications, photography, event planning, and public affairs issue management, analysis and advocacy. She is skilled at managing a team, staging events of all types and sizes, pitching stories to reporters, and drafting a broad array of materials including, but not limited to, grants and proposals, direct mail letters and invitations, speeches and talking points, press releases, opinion pieces, public service announcements, newsletters, websites, and blogs. She also has extensive experience in professional photography, specializing in Black and White Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Prints (Selenium-toned) and color film and digital photography.

She passionately believes in that old saying: Do what you love, love what you do. Based on that belief she made a leap of faith in creating her own business, and 16 years later, continues to provide quality services for her clients. Her personal-professional Mission Statement is: I intend to live a purpose-driven life by doing what I love and loving what I do via small daily steps each and every day, creatively, patiently, passionately, persistently, and joyfully with hope, gratitude, and an open-curious-mind. I am a Resolutionista! I make resolutions, keep resolutions and enjoy the journey!

A constant pursuit of new creative challenges, a desire to help others, and a love of making New Year Resolutions that dates back to her high school years, led to the creation of I Resolve To® . . . her resolution business in 2005. Her dream is to help others to achieve 'their dreams' with successful, empowering, New Year Resolutions at IResolveTo.Com.

Since launching I Resolve To . . . in 2005 she has used herself as a case-study, testing different techniques and writing about what works and what doesn't work. On a daily basis, she reads scores of blog posts by people who write about their New Year Resolutions, as well as news and studies about resolutions. I Resolve To . . . has been a serious study and a rewarding pursuit.

The I Resolve To . . . premise and strategy is simple, practical, and common sense - perfect for busy people. Start with the I Resolve To . . . Formula For Success: Dream + Specific One-Sentence Resolution + Small Daily Goals = Success, Achievement And Reward. Then commit to the the I Resolve To . . . Affirmation: I Resolve To . . . Achieve My New Year Resolutions, One Resolution, One Day At A Time For One Year.® The I Resolve To . . . System revolves around five very specific steps - the Do's: Dare To Dream, Decide, Define, Develop A Plan, and Do It Daily.

In the I Resolve To . . . System For Success, resolution-makers also pay close attention to five very specific Don'ts: Procrastinate; Give In To Fear Of Success Or Fear Of Failure; Get Overwhelmed Or Discouraged; Grow Bored, Weary Or Burned Out; Give Up!

She advocates for practical New Year Resolutions: "Be A Resolutionista. Make Resolutions. Keep Resolutions. Enjoy The Journey! Do it today . . . take that first small step. Open your mind, dare to dream, and make a decision to 'go for it'! Proscrastination is your worst enemy and patience is your best friend. Make a promise to yourself: I Resolve To . . . Achieve My New Year Resolutions, One Resolution, One Day At A Time For One Year.® Make every day New Year's Day. Make every day count with 'daily resolves'. Be A Resolution Revolutionary and make Lifetime Resolutions that are with you for good."

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